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23Gunstattoo does need no introduction when it comes to tattoo art, Dread Locking and its hygiene standards around the world. 23Gunstattoo caters to a wide clientele and offers exquisite tattoo and piercing service by adhering to the highest standards in safety and hygiene, that has always been the hallmark of its operations. We have a bunch of Best Piercing Artist in Chandigarh.  And now we introduce PIERCING ART at 23gunstattoo which will enable us to cater our respectful clientele and expand our services. As everyone claims to be the best it becomes tuff to select the most reliable Shop, the best option would be visiting our studio and having a conversation with our Piercing Artists in Chandigarh.

At 23Gunstattoo we believe that getting Piercing from an artist depends on the Trust factor. No one wants to attain the Piercing Services from an inexperienced Artist. So the primary step is to Select the Best Piercing Artist in Chandigarh, and 23Gunstattoo is one of the most reliable providers of Piercing Services in Chandigarh.

Customer satisfaction is what makes us a buzz and it is our goal to achieve work you will be extremely proud of and makes you want to come back for more Piercing Services. So come and have an experience of a lifespan in a studio with great vibes.

Why are we the most recommended Studio for Piercing

Because we are best at what we do…. provide unmatched piercing hygiene environment as always. After a couple of years of dedicated practice and study on piercing and its process, we believe that we understand the fundamental aspects of  the piercing process to its core which brings us to the conclusion that, piercing is another form of art rather than the process of just poking somebody with metal shafts and needles. We are the Known for providing the best Piercing Service in Chandigarh.

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With an eye to accuracy and perfection, we deliver beyond expectations, we deliver the best. We use high-quality products and hygiene system to make sure that PIERCING process is safe and clean. Our Piercers have years of experience to this art form to reach their respective expertise. So whenever you think about Shop for Piercing Services 23gunstattoo is the place to be.

Satisfied dreadlocks customers are good advertising, so a good stylist is usually willing to put you in touch with current and former dreadlocks customers. By talking to the people who have attained our Dreadlock Service in Chandigarh all your doubts can be cleared. The dreadlocks stylist may even let you to come in and meet some of their repeat clients who come in for maintenance on their dreads. You can speak with them about their experience, as well as get an idea about the deadlocking process.

Our Hygiene System

As per our experience lot of people does not know what to expect out of hygiene process followed by the respective studio. Well before visiting any Studio for Piercing in Chandigarh we recommend you to do a little research on what to expect from an artist and his/her studio in terms of hygiene standards and techniques.
The first concern when it comes to piercing is sterilization. Any kind of procedure which involves contact with blood or bodily fluids necessitates strict adherence to cross-contamination prevention. Most of the equipment is non-disposable and expensive. So the whole equipment has to go through sterilization procedure for every client. We follow a very strong protocol when it comes to the sterilization process. We use superior quality autoclave machines to sterile the tackle where in equipment is washed and scrubbed, processed with 2 different cleaning/disinfecting solutions for an hour, dried and packed in autoclave packets and put in an autoclave machine where it is sterilised under incredible heat and pressure. The equipment is cooled down and then it is ready to use for a new piercing. All of these are carried under the clean area with gloved hands and masked face.

While piercing anything that touches the customer/skin that cannot be autoclaved is thrown away instantly. Workstations are fully disinfected before and after every piercing procedure.

 We have seen that lot of people use regular tap water with some disinfecting solution to clean the oozing around the pierced area, we use distilled water and Hydrogen peroxide to clean the after pierce. There are many things which we need to use like petroleum jelly, alcohol swabs, elastic rubbers, cotton, bud, markers etc, we follow “use and throw” protocol. Every Clients set-up will have a fresh set of seal packed items.

Why Choose 23gunstattoo for Piercing?

  • Years of experience.
  • Adheres to safe, sanitary, sterile industry standards.
  • Autoclave is tested monthly.
  • Single use needles.
  • Large jewellery selection.
  • Aftercare instructions.
  • Virtually painless

At 23gunstattoo, you can be sure you will receive a safe, professionally executed piercing. We are concerned with the health and success of your piercing(s). If you have any questions, need advice, or simply require assistance changing your jewellery, we are always happy to help our clients. We continue to learn new piercing techniques, safety standards, and innovations as they develop and take pride in treating every client with respect and maintaining first class professionalism. We understand that the integrity of our work, superior customer service, and the success of our business speaks for itself.


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