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A Tattoo is known as body modification technique. And in 18th century this word was known as Tatau which means Correct. The first Tattoo word was written and appeared in a journal of Joseph Banks. Tattooing has been practiced from a long time and spread in the world. We have seen craze in youngsters and teenagers, of Body Tattoos in Chandigarh. And it’s been 2 years that our Studio 23gunstattoos is giving best tattoos styles to its clients.

Why Tattoos are Popular in Chandigarh

Chandigarh is known as one of the best and clean city to live in. And it’s the union territory of northern part in India. And it’s the capital of two states Haryana and Punjab. Chandigarh city was the 1st planned city in India after independence in 1947. Total Population of Chandigarh is 11, 09,377 where sex ratio is 829 females per 1,000 males. And a huge percentage of youngsters are tattoo lovers in Chandigarh and they go online to search for Body tattoos in Chandigarh to find their design or to get an idea. As per the stats people around Chandigarh city also look for Tattoos in Chandigarh and get inked.

Places near Chandigarh

      • Kharad
      • Panchkula
      • Mohali
      • Zirakpur
      • Kasauli
      • Pinjor
      • Baddi

So being one of the fashionable city of India, Along with wearing trendy cloths, Youngsters choose to go for Body modification as well in form of tattoos . As the ratio is 829 females per 1,000 males and the population is 11, 09,377. This fashion trend is equally distributed between Boys and Girls and we see it has become one of the major fashion trend.

As everyone wants to look Trendy. Youngsters are in the race to get a tattoo done and look better than others. And it is very difficult to figure out a Professional Tattoo artist in Chandigarh when numbers of artists are out there. Your permanent tattoo is going to stay with you forever. So never go and choose your design in hurry.

Tattoo removing techniques are there, but it would be a costly and painful thing. So we always suggest – get your Best design and a quality Tattoos and don’t waste your money, time and keeping a Tattoo with you forever which you don’t like.
Check these points before you go for a permanent tattoo. It will help you finding the Best Tattoo Artist and Best Tattoo Studio.

  • Tattoo Designs

  • Reputation and hygiene

  • Safety Certification

  • Popularity

  • Tattoo Implementation

  • Specialization

So A little advise here- Check the Artist’s previous work. This little work would help you getting your Masterpiece.


Tattoo Designs

Selecting a Tattoo design is one of the major factor before you go and make it happen. There is a huge collection of Tattoos on internet but What to select and Why to select .See Our Permanent Tattoos in Chandigarh to see the different Styles of Tattoos and if you already have a design then you need to know some Tips for the selection of a Tattoo Artist.

Why 23gunstattoo is the best Studio for Body Tattoos in Chandigarh has come up with a new perspective towards Tattoos in Chandigarh, where we search unique styles for men and women that matches their personality. We follow hygiene law and we always provide High quality work that makes our client happy forever.
The needles we use are always new and sealed and pre sterilized. 23GunsTattoo always offers Quality Professional Work and safety of our clients is our main Aspect. Our Artists are Properly Trained in Tattooing and provide a safe Environment to clients. For any other info .. Download the content here.

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