How To Become A Tattoo Artist?

become a tattoo artist

It has been found that with the popularity of Tattoo Business and a high source of income, many people want to become a Tattoo artist. But Question is How to Become a Tattoo Artist.Many People make mistakes by buying tattoo Kit and start practicing on their friends and other people without knowing the fact that it […]

How to Take Care of Your New Tattoo?

Tattoo safety checklist

Tattoo Aftercare – Whenever you get a new Tattoo, First thing comes How to Take care of your new Tattoo?How you can take good care of it? Your Tattoo artist is no more responsible for any problem or infection if you don’t keep your tattoo safe or you don’t take care of it. So What factors come […]

Tattoo Safety Checklist

Tattoo safety checklist

Before you go to get a tattoo. you should be aware of few thing that might help you to be safe.This Tattoo Safety Checklist will help to know few safety tips. Make sure the artist is wearing gloves wearing gloves is one of the necessities for the Tattoo artist to do. Another thing is to make sure […]

Frequently Asked Questions – Tattoos

Tattoo FAQ

Please see below to get an answer to your questions and in case your question is not on the list. Feel free to ask. • Is Tattoo Safe? As long as you find and go to a Tattoo artist with a Good Reputation and who is follows the safety Precaution that are recommended. See the Safety […]

Tattoo Training In Chandigarh

23gunstattoo_Artist Chandigarh

If you are searching for a Tattoo Studio who provides you Tattoo Training in Chandigarh then you are at the right place. 23GunsTattoo brings you Best Tattoo Training in Chandigarh, Mohali | India, and other Services as well. So if you want to learn a Tattoo or piercing, And if you are really serious about this. Then do it the right way. Wrong-way is […]

Graffiti Art in Chandigarh


Graffiti art in Chandigarh- 23Gunstattoo provides you best Graffiti artist in Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali, Punjab | India. Now you can express your feelings with the help of graffiti art. If you want to paint your wall, windows, pillars, doors, skateboards then 23gunstattoo in Chandigarh is best place to visit. We give our clients a comfortable atmosphere […]

Best Dread Lock Stylist in Chandigarh


Dreadlocks, also known as Locks or Dreads, are interlocked coils of hair formed by themselves, in all hair types, if the hair is allowed to grow naturally without grooming for a long period of time. 23gunstattoo is the best Shop for Dread Lock in Chandigarh. Dreadlocks  also called locks,  dreads, “rasta” or Jata, are matted coils of hair. Dreadlocks […]

How to Find a Tattoo Artist?


So How to Find a Good Tattoo Artist would be the first question when you want a Tattoo. Finding a good Tattoo Artist is one tricky thing. In this article, we will give you a few tips on How to Select Tattoo Artist which would help you make a selection on a tattoo artist in the right way. A […]

Tattoo Artist

Learn tattoo

Searching for a Best Tattoo Artist in Chandigarh is what gonna give your a best Tattoo work.When it comes to tattoos you always want perfect design and a perfect Tattoo artist for your self and when it comes to Chandigarh We have very few Artists with stunning work. Anyone who wants to get a tattoo done wants a Tattoo artist […]