Dad Kicked out of Restaurant Because of the Neck Tattoo Which is for His Daughter

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Andy Smith, A Dad Who was booted out Twice when he was enjoying the night with his wife Janeen because of a Tattoo.This father claims that he was booted out from the two popular restaurants which are on the seaside because of his Neck Tattoo- One of the Tattoo among those two was simply his daughter’s name. Andy Smith was enjoying that rare night with his 27 years old wife Janeen in Portrush, Northern Ireland, on Friday night when this situation occurred and they encountered difficulties.

He had a Tattoo of his daughter’s name Emma on one side and on the side of the neck a Tattoo of Lizard was there. This couple went to Neptune and Prawn in the Town but claim that they were approached by the member of the staff member and were asked to leave the Restaurant.

Andy-Smith 23gunstattoo
How the Staff member created Issue on the Neck Tattoo?

Janeen explained:

  • “We don’t go out very often but our wee boy was being looked after, so we wanted to take an advantage of it and we planned to go out.”
  • “We went upstairs in the Restaurant (Neptune and Prawn) when a staff member came to my husband and advise to leave the Hotel because of his Tattoos on the neck.”
  • “My husband asked the guy could he stay if he put his jacket back on but the staff member said that The Tattoo was already seen by them so in this case it is not possible.”
  • “I asked his that I have a Tattoo on my arm as well and asked Is that okay and the guy said it was only the neck Tattoos that are a problem.”

The disappointed couple agreed to move and went to the nearby Harbour Bar Restaurant, which is also owned by Ramore Restaurants.


The Harbour Bar in Portrush also proved a problem for the hungry couple because of the Tattoo

Janeen Added:

  • “We went in and we have ordered some food and drinks.”
  • “We have just started our drinks when the doorman came and told us that we need to leave the place.”
  • “We asked whether they had come over from the restaurant and told him we weren’t allowed in and he said they had.”
  • “At that point Andy’s food arrived and I asked the doorman whether they could stay and eat it before they leave as we have already made the payment, and Doorman let us stay on while my husband ate his food.”
  • “We were really disappointed by such behavior, We were not disturbing anyone, we were not Drunk, we were just sitting minding our business.”
  • “One of his Tattoos is the name of his Daughter and other Tattoo is of Lizard, so we are failing to understand how this could be offensive to anyone.” She continued.
  • “My husband has had the Tattoos for years now but we have never faced and problem before.”

On this the Management from the Restaurant, when asked about the alleged incidents has declined to comment: Said no Comment


 Andy-and-Janeen-Smith 23gunstattoo


Andy-Smith 23gunstattoo

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