Parents Got Tattoo of Daughter’s Birthmark so she never feels Different

Parents Got Tattoo of Daughter’s Birthmark

British Parents Got their Body filled with the Tattoo of the Red Birthmarks that has covered their daughter’s body.18-month-old Honey-Rae Phillips was born with Red Birthmark on her and as per the mirror report, it has covered her half of her Red Side and her parents did it so that she would never feel alone.

Her mother (Tanya Philips) who is 40 years old said her Daughter had some medical difficulties and this Birthmark is a Side effect of it.

As per her Mother, She was struggling to breathe when she was first born and was taken to special care department. Daughter was lying in a little incubator when she went to see her and that’s when she saw it and it broke her heart.

I just know that my baby was going to permanently marked with this for her rest of the life. Philips has three other children and they cover Honey-Rae’s legs to avoid stares from strangers when ever they go out.

She dressed in her shorts for the first time and found an old couple taking about her daughter and she knew if adults can be that insensitive then kids at school will be too. And it was the Time when parents decided that their daughter will be much happier if they get a Tattoo showing her the same skin match.

Then her parents decided to get the same mark inked on them to let her know that she will always have her parent’s love.


Adam got this Tattoo alone as a Present from his wife. And it did cost of $124 and took about two hours.
Last week was Phillips’ 40th birthday and Adam gave her the same gift.

She said it was very painful, but it was worth spending every second of pain. And when she showed the Tattoo to Honey-Ray she said ‘MATCH’ pointing her finger to her own leg.

Tattoo art is far more extreme than any body art, she has never thought of getting it. However it is well worth the price of her daughter “Phillips says”.