Tattoo Training in Mohali

Tattoo Training in Mohali

Tattoo Training in Mohali

23Gunstattoo is one of the Leading and Provides Best Tattoo Training in Mohali , Chandigarh, Panchkula Punjab, Haryana, India. We have been Training Students from no of Years now and We Help them follow their Dreams. We Give Tattoo Training in Mohali | Punjab |Himachal Pradesh | India .Our Tattoo Training Course will Prepare Artistic Students to Express their Art on human Canvas with the Proper Care and Hygiene Followed. We not Only train them With their Artistic Talent We Also Provide Professional Development Training That Goes Along With the tattoo Training And Help them Handle Clients and Make Them Feel Comfortable.

Best Tattoo Training in Mohali – Course Content

  • We help you generating new thoughts and Ideas.
  • We help you understanding the Fundamentals of drawing.
  • Understanding the tattoo process.
  • Understanding the light and Shadow concept in drawing.
  • We help you learning different types of tattoo art.
  • How to maintain hygiene and its process.
  • Machine set-up.
  • Understanding different types of needles.
  • Hands on tattooing on artificial skin.
  • Concept of different types of machines.
  • In-depth session on hygiene process.
  • Hands-on: Lining.
  • Live Tattoo Session (goes throughout the training)
  • Setting up machine as per tattoo requirement.
  • Color-packing/Filling
  • Client handling Skill
  • After care concept
  • Practice on basics
  • Make a design on demand.
  • Hands on Shading.

Course Name – Tattoo Training

Course Duration – 3 Months

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Best Tattoo Shop in Chandigarh

Best Tattoo Shop in Chandigarh

23GunsTattoo Studio - Chandigarh 23GunsTattoo Studio - Chandigarh

Welcome To The Best Tattoo Shop in Chandigarh

There are many Tattoo Shops in Chandigarh, However @ 23GunsTattoo we have set our selves by giving a HYGIENIC, CLEAN and Inviting atmosphere. Being one of the Best Tattoo Shop in Chandigarh We give our clients the best work that they are looking for and what they deserve.Our Tattoo artists go in depth into the history of artistic tattoo world and give you variety of Tattoo Styles.

We can provide you with different, gorgeous and affordable Tattoo designs in your city Chandigarh. Our Custom designs and our Work makes us one of the leading Tattoo Parlor in Chandigarh. We believe getting a Tattoo from an artist depends on the Trust factor. No one wants to get a  tattoo for which he/she needs to regret for whole life.So 1st thing you need to know How to select a Tattoo artist and after searching and selecting a Tattoo artist in Chandigarh, It's time to contact them for further info.

How To Make Sure That You Selected The Right Tattoo Shop

Once you contact them its becomes very important that you visit their Tattoo Shop and make sure that you have selected the right one by doing a little checkup on their hygiene and you need to make sure whether they are professional enough to make it and do they follow the proper Safety Checklist or not? And if everything is fine then it is the right Tattoo Shop and Artist for you to go with.

Best Tattoo Shop Chandigarh



Hey, My name is Gourav, A senior Tattoo artist who Learned Profession Tattooing and designed many Custom designs as well. We help in Getting Profession Tattoo Training For any Help contact 8558883376

Recent Work

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Superior Services from 23Guns Tattoo Studio

Below are the services we provide to our client as per their Requirement.

Permanent Tattoos

Permanent Tattoos in Chandigarh

Temporary Tattoos

Temporary Tattoos in Chandigarh

Automobile Air Arts

Car Griffity in Chandigarh

Other Art Styles

Guitar Art in Chandigarh

What Additional Services Our Tattoo Shop Provides

Unique and Specialized Tattoo designs from Professional Tattoo Artists - We give our Clients a comfortable atmosphere and best work of art with Affordable price. which brings them again and again to us. We give them the designs that suits their personality if they don't have a pre-selected design. We Tattoo artists work with your thoughts and bring out the best and unique designs out of your story.

Tattoo Cover Ups-In our Tattoo Shop we handle worse situations of Cover ups as well.Some of them are small cover ups However Sometimes its a huge design that needs to be work out and our artists are skilled enough to make it happen.

What Makes Us The Best Tattoo Shop in Chandigarh

There was a Time when getting a Single Tattoo was enough for someone to live with. But Now a new breed of Ink experts are coming back again and again for Tattooing.So why do they come back every time for a new Tattoo to us?
We give our Clients a comfortable atmosphere and best work of art with Affordable price. which brings them again and again to us. We give them the designs that suits their personality if they don't have a pre-selected design. 

No one ever would come back to a shop if He/She was not satisfied with the Previous Work. Our Professionally Trained Tattoo Artists Build that Confidence in you with their Work that you cant think of going anywhere else. You would never Regret the work that would be done in Our Tattoo Shop.

And its not enough, even after Tattoo is completed we keep in touch with Our Clients to Check if everything is going fine or We are Still here for you.So Be a Part of our Client list and Decide it Yourself.