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Searching for a Best Tattoo Artist in Chandigarh is what gonna give your a best Tattoo work.When it comes to tattoos you always want a perfect design and a perfect Tattoo artist for your self and when it comes to Chandigarh We have very few Artists with stunning work. Any one who wants to get a tattoo done, wants a Tattoo artist in Chandigarh who can convert the Tattoo imagination of a Client as-it-is on his/her Body.

Tattoo is an art which takes time to be master in, if done wrong; it will leave a bad mark on your skin forever. So be patient and do the complete search when you are looking for a Tattoo artist with best. It could take few days to make a decision, Whom you choose for tattoo work, But at the end your Artist should be trained enough to give you what you want.

When ever you thinks about a tattoos don’t look for a cheap, Because Cheap tattoos can never be good and Good tattoos are never cheap (See what I meant in the Image Below).


So Instead of getting a cheap Tattoo, look for a reliable and affordable Tattoo artist.
As Said earlier if your Tattoo doesn’t satisfy your imagination at the end. There is nothing you can do about it. The only thing you can do then is just thinking about getting it done from some other Artist by paying a little more.

You Always Get What you Pay For



So take time select a design and then select a Tattoo designer or Tattoo maker in Chandigarh who can do it and get the best out of your Story. But How to select the Best Tattoo artist in Chandigarh.

Gourav – One of the Tattoo Artist in Chandigarh 

What I believe – Body art is what defines you as a well trained and professional Tattoo artist. If your work is clean and you make your clients happy that what makes you happy. I’m one of the Tattoo artist  here in Chandigarh settled here in 2013. Since then I’ve made many customers happy with my work.
But where to get a body tattoo in Chandigarh, this is what you need to think before you go out and get it done. I’m not saying come and get it done from me. Because it a personal choice of everyone. Tattoo is not a thing which you can buy and through after some time. It will become your part of life once you sit on a Chair and your artist will start working on it.

So it becomes very important to check the your artist body art.

Few More things to check before you go for any Tattoo artist

  • Scratcher’ or Artist

Any untrained Tattooist is known as a Scratcher. He may be artistically gifted but doesn’t follow the Rules of Tattoo world like sterilizing his instruments. They may reuse their needles which can lead to fatal diseases.

Other category comes somewhere between a Scratcher and a complete tattoo Artist with a Professional studio available but they don’t have artistic skills. They execute their Tattoos Badly, Colors are Unattractive, and lines are out of proportion. You Might want to stay away from them too.

We live in a world where Tattooing could lead to the death of a customer if not executed with a proper procedure. Equipments are properly sterilized. Now if you think Getting a good tattoo requires a Needle or some InkTHINK AGAIN!

  • It Is Your Responsibility To Select An Tattoo Artist Who FollowsThe Cleanliness As a Surgeon And The Talent As a Drawing Master

Sometimes you just need to invest money and sometimes you have to go to some other city to get your tattoo done. So before you make your Tattoo make sure your expense and time is worth it.
The only way to check an Artist’s work is by looking at his past Work. There should be a Portfolio with the Tattoos watermarked in some or other way. Other way you can ask to see the Artist Live in action. Unfortunately anyone can hang some tattoos on the wall and claim as their own.

  • Select An Artist As Per Their Specialty

Considering this factor will help you choosing the right Tattoo maker. Suppose you want a realistic portrait Tattoo. So don’t look for an artist who is specialized in producing some other designs. In Tattooing You are the art Director and you need to select a Talent that you think suits you.

  • Cost is a Factor

    If you can’t afford a tattoo, than accept your circumstances Although Tattoo is an Art which is priceless, it can be treated as your Beauty alteration. As you won’t allow a hairdresser to play around with your hair, so don’t go for a Cheap artist and get ink. Because you might get a tattoo which you would dislike. So Why Take RISK.

  • Professional Considerations

    Applying a tattoo is a lot more than just creating a good picture. If a Tattoo fails, it means the ink was inserted too deep into to the skin that it has destroyed the skin as well as the shape of the design. Or if the ink wasn’t inserted into the certain level of skin then it may fade away.So profession consideration becomes very important for the fact of getting an awesome Tattoo .


Every Tattoo Shows a Specific meaning or it could be just for fashion or there must be a Reason or story behind it, like Parents Who Got Tattoo of Daughter’s birthmark so she never feels alone Proves , Viral Solider Tattoo .

So at the end it Totally depends on you, how you use the information or select a Tattoo artist. But Make sure you take time and see the Artist work before you get the Tattoo. See if he lines are shaky, Check the Coloring pattern or you can check their Services as well. Once you are satisfied now is the Time to get a Tattoo.If there is anything else we could help you with Contact us. Download PDF.

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