Tattoo in Chandigarh-Anchor

Artist Gourav - 23gunstataoo in Chandigarh

Tattoos in Chandigarh-Anchor23GunsTattoo-Tattoo in Chandigarh -Anchor – A New Cover up design created for a client.At our 23gunstattoo studio a guy came in with a Tattoo already on him, However was not very satisfied with his design and wanted to get rid of it.
He just had a design in him mind and its a combination of 4 tattoos. So being one of the best Studio for Tattoo in Chandigarh it’s our main focus to fulfill clients requirements.
It has been 2 long years since we are providing best tattoo services to our clients in Chandigarh. And we always do work professionally that builds a relation with the customer.
The craze is rising day by day for Tattoo in Chandigarh , and By giving the BEST service of Tattoo in Chandigarh , We always keep our Visitors, Clients Happy with the Work. By keeping the hygiene at the utmost priority we take care of their safety. Enough of Us . Lets begin with the design.

4 Designs include

  • Anchor
  • light house
  • compass
  • wheel

SO we fit the design in such a way that the placement and the combination looks great altogether, also need to Cover the old tattoo as well.

  • Anchor Tattoo

    Many of us, We still believe that Anchor belongs to those who works in a business related to sea.I mean A navy man, Sea man or might be a sailor or any other person associated with sea or ocean. However this thing has changed now with the Anchor Tattoos  getting Popular. Now the people living on rock scene have also taken Anchor Tattoos with great enthusiasm . See more Anchor designs here

  • Lighthouse Tattoo

    Another Tattoo which you might want to go for is the Lighthouse Tattoo. You will see very few people with such designs of Tattoo in Chandigarh as its not very popular.
    A light house tattoo represents different meanings. A lighthouse was created for the purpose of coast guard.  It lets the sailor know that the coast is near. The meaning of lighthouse is as below.

    • Guidance
    • Protection
    • Warning
    • Safety
    • Inspiration
    • Hope
    • Direction
    • Faith
    • Home
    • Destiny
    • Correct Path
  • Compass Tattoo

    Compass is an instrument that a traveler needs with him or her, Making it one of the popular tattoo for frequent traveler.Its one of the famous and common design among fishermen, nautical lover and military person. It was believed that this tattoo protects the wearer from tough travel places and ensures that they would return back home safe. So if you are frequent traveler , You may want to go for this. See more designs here

  • Wheel Tattoos

    When it comes to Maritime, Ship wheel Tattoo is the most popular one. This also belongs to sailors. Ship wheel designs can come in different designs and this is a unisex Tattoo. It is a very inspirational tattoo. So if you want to have a wheel tattoo take out some time and look for different designs.

    Choose US – The best tattoo studio to get a Professional experience for Tattoo in Chandigarh is one of the leading Tattoo Studio in Chandigarh. We opened the Tattoo Center with the name Gambling Rose Tattoos in Chandigarh, However it cannot be trademarked so we need to change the name. 23gunstattoo has come up a new perspective towards tattooing, We let you chose from unlimited designs. or if you have and thought but no able to find the design . Visit-Us . We’ll make make it for you.

    Thanks for the coming by on the website
    Artist – Gourav Mahajan
    Contact – 8558883376
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