Tattoo Safety Checklist

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Before you go to get a tattoo. you should be aware of few thing that might help you to be safe.This Tattoo Safety Checklist will help to know few safety tips.

Make sure the artist is wearing gloves

wearing gloves is one of the necessity for the Tattoo artist to do. Another thing is to make sure that glove should fit completely. If it’s too small or big, it runs the risk of getting a hole in it or tearing it apart. It creates the risk of contamination. Also if can view the page below if  you need to know How to select a Best Tattoo Artist.

Ask about what training your artist has taken and completed. Are certificates available?

Unfortunately there is no as such certification that tattoo artists get which makes their education complete. There is not diploma or school for it too. There are many tattoo artist who are doing tattooing without any training . so that’s why it becomes compulsory to follow other guideline strictly to make sure that you are receiving quality work.

Use of Ointment, Ink, Water and other stuff

  • Ointment, Ink, Water and other items should be used once only and then should be thrown. Remaining Ink  should not be dropped back in the Container as it contains blood cells.
  • Artist should be using ink caps and same should be thrown after the use.
  • Same needs to be done with Water and Ointment.
  • Some artists use deodorant on customer skin to make a dark impression of the tattoo copy.But it should not be used directly as it has been used by other clients as well.
    Rather it should be used on tissue and then tissue should be used on the skin.

Needles must be removed from the Pack in front of the Customer

  • New needle should be removed from its pack only when you sit and its time to create the Tattoo.
  • But How will you know that the needle is new? – it should be bright and shining silver in color and should not be dull.
  • Used needles can be reused if they are properly sterilized, How ever still we shouldn’t be using it.
    So make sure always get the needle unpacked in front of you.

Asked for previous work

  • People should check the artist previous work or the Portfolio. Rather than checking the flashing wall work and other photos in the tattoo studio.
  • Checking the previous work might not help you with your design or for the things you are looking for. But it would surly help you to decide if you might need to find the Exit door.

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