This Amazing Dad Has been tattooing the Drawing of his Son on his own Body

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Keith Anderson, a wonderful dad in Ontario got his own style and a unique way to get his son Kai’s Childhood Remember. He has been getting the Tattoos every year based on his sons Drawing and he started it since Kai was 5 Years Old and his right arm is only covered with the Drawing.
“His 1st Tattoo was Daisy – and he got it Tattooed when he was in kindergarten.”
This was told to A Photographer named Chance Faulkner, who has an interview with Anderson and who took these Pictures. “Then we came back and got his name and the house drawing from when he was 4.”

He told that the every single Tattoo on his Right arm has been drawn by his son. Every year he got one Tattoo from his Drawing. Kai gave his father a Christmas card in which he has drawn a Sword, and that will be the next one will get added this summer. Kai is 11 years old now. The only Tattoo which is different in size is the Robot which he did when he was 10. He did a Seahorse when he was 6, and when he was 7 he did maple leaf C for Canada. He did stained glass when he was 8 years old “Which is my Favorite.” They skipped only one year when Kai was 9 because he wanted to change the drawing a little bit. Also See our related Posts on 15 Things not to say to Girls with tattoos and Parents Who got the Tattoos of their Daughter’s Birthmark.
I got all these Tattoos from 3 Different tattoo artists over the Year – Boulder, Colorado, one in Chatham. Recently my son was there with me in the Tattoo studio and he did some of the Tattooing himself, and this was done in Peterborough. As per Anderson they keep on doing it until his son doesn’t want to go for it anymore. He is still very excited about these Tattoos, So we will keep on doing it. Sometimes people ask me what you will do if you run out of space; I guess I’ll ask him to draw smaller pictures then. -Keith.

Every year, dad Keith Anderson gets another tattoo based on his son’s drawings


Kai drew this seahorse when he was 6 years old

Seahorse Dad Son Drawing Tattoo-23GunsTattoo

They did this robot when Kai was 10

dad-tattoo-son-doodles-keith-anderson 23gunstattoo

Keith’s son drew this patriotic maple leaf when he was 7

dad-tattoo-son-doodles-keith-anderson-chance-faulkner-7 23gunstattoo


“No one I know has ever heard of tattooing original kid art before, and it’s a lot of fun”

dad-tattoo-son-doodles-keith-anderson-chance-faulkner-1 23gunstattoo

Kai drew this tattoo, Keith’s favorite, when he was 8

dad-tattoo-son-doodles-keith-anderson-chance-faulkner-13 23gunstattoo

Kai drew this house when he was just 4 years old

dad-tattoo-son-doodles-keith-anderson-chance-faulkner-6 23gunstattoo

The very first tattoo, which Keith got when Kai was in kindergarten

dad-tattoo-son-doodles-keith-anderson-chance-faulkner-9 23gunstattoo

“People ask me what will happen if I run out of space; I guess I’ll just get him to draw smaller pictures”

dad-tattoo-son-doodles-keith-anderson-chance-faulkner-5 23gunstattoos

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