Viral Kiwi war Veteran’s ANZAC Tattoo


The tattooist has received a call from Russia Asked for the Tattoo stencil’: Kiwi war veteran’s ANZAC tattoo has become viral in social media around the world.

  • Kiwi war veteran gets a tattoo of WWI soldiers as a sign of respect.
  • Bruce Neal, 52, waited 41 years until he found a design he fell in love with.
  • Tattoo parlor put the post design on Facebook which goes viral around the world.
  • Photo attracted almost 44,000 shares, 5,000 comments and 130,000 likes.

A Kiwi war veteran has found a Tattoo design after 41 years old that made him fell in love with for his 2nd Tattoo, And Social media world feels the same about this kind of body art.

Bruce Neal who is from New Zealand, was just just 18 years old when he got his tattooed creation for kiwi bird on his Shoulder and now when he is at 52 years old he has World War I soldiers marching into the distance which is in a shape of a fern and words ‘Lest We Forget’ written below.

When eight tattoo studio, on northeast of Wellington posted this Tattoo on their Facebook page. They would have never anticipated that this will go so viral around the globe.

Viral  Kiwi war Veteran’s ANZAC Tattoo Design

Viral Tattoo Art  23gunstattoo

The tattoo that the social media world fell in love with – World War I soldiers marching into the distance in a shape of a fern.


Bruce Neal waited 41 years until he finally came across a design that he fell in love with for his second tattoo.

Few months ago Mr. Neal saw the image on Historical Board where the troops left for Gallipoli.

After that his wife saw the same design on TV and it was the time when he got to know it was just meant to be and then he book his appointment for this second toughie sticker’.

He told Daily Mail Australia that He himself chose this no-one else, and its his way to show respect.

He said that he did it for those old solider who don’t get much publicity and he knows that there are not many left behind now.

Mr Neal works as a Ice cream salesman but he has spent his 18 years in army and where he met his wife.


Other social media users then posted their own similar designs  of the soldiers.


The tattoo parlor will not replicate Mr Neal’s exact design again (pictured another similar design posted)

He is very surprise after seeing how his idea took off in social media and become Viral.

On the web His this Tattoo so far got 130000 likes,44000 shares and almost 5000 comments on the tattoo studio fan Page.

Many people said that they don’t like Tattoos but they are Impressed with Mr Neal’s.

Tattoo Artist Derek Thunders said usually he gets 80 to 90 likes on any post

But when he saw 2000 likes he took a screen shot as he thought that this would trail off pretty soon, He told

He said people started asking for the same design but he didn’t make any other as he wanted to make it unique.